“Housing shortage” and “Need for Housing” is something that has been heard a lot in the media recently due to the general election and the on going difficulties faced by many people in our country attempting to find homes which they can afford to live in and in a location where they wish to live.

It is clear that all political parties are “pro” housing and that “House Building” needs to increase and that (in the main) each and every settlement will be required to take some growth in order to meet the ever increasing demand and to maintain house price inflation.

With this in mind and as I am sure you are aware, Cradley has been identified to take growth and as such provide some of the required houses which will hopefully enable generations to come to stay in the locality and close to their families.

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Cradley is a beautiful location and the AONB and Conservation Area is there to protect these significant assets from inappropriate forms of development and poorly designed buildings which are not in keeping with the character of the settlement.

Housing developments seem to generate massive objection, provoke emotive responses and significant fear that it will blight the area where they live, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Developments such as the one we are proposing here will not only provide the much needed houses, be sympathetically designed to include features that are common place in Cradley, utilise the natural and local materials to construct the properties but also provide a local community facility which will provide a village green and useful convenience shop / café.

All Cradley residents can rest assured that should our site be the preferred option for the village then all necessary surveys and reports will be produced before any application and the final proposal put before you in a further exhibition to demonstrate that the site once constructed will mature over time and be absorbed into the outstanding surrounding landscape.