Village Green

I am informed that back in the 60's there were plans for a village green at the junction of Vines Ends Lane the main road running through our village. Buryfields was built, unfortunately, not the village Green.

Is now the time?

Please also see 'The Plans'

Our proposal is offering a landscaped Village green, not huge but a credible village Green none the less, at the Northern Gateway into our village.

This concept could enhance the landscape in and around the Community amenity as proposed, with both complimenting each other.

In time an established Oak tree, a village child’s see-saw, May Day Dancing, other communities do it up and down the country, now we could.

A true Social and visual addition to our landscape.

[even a bonfire Pit, for our annual Bonfire Night Celebrations could be considered in the adjoining field at the Farm]

The opportunities are endless, we just need your support to
Make it happen.