Farm Shop

There are many local micro producers who prepare food stuffs as a hobby or as a business who live in our surrounding area, offering great local grown product for sale. Your micro Farm shop could be an outlet for these enterprises used to get their product to the end consumer.

I for one, am annoyed at the mass produced dumbing down of taste, Portion size, bland and over packed, overpriced product that is on offer from the national Supermarkets. Treated like sheep as you stand in an isle waiting to be 'processed'.

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Did the food we eat 30 years ago taste like it does today, I don’t think so?

Think Cheeses, think Beer, think Honey, think Cider, think Fruit, think preserves, why not, the opportunities are endless and your micro community farm shop, as an addition to your general produce community shop would help them on their way in getting their product to market.

We have an excellent Butchers in West Cradley and I am mindful that we do not compete and undermine his business and the livelihood of Peter and his Family.Please continue to support him, I am sure those that do will.

I would like to think the management Committee could structure some sort of arrangement whereby both ventures work together to their mutual advantage.

The opportunities are endless, we just need your support to
Make it happen.