Ecological Analysis

Below is a summary of our Ecological Surveys 2014-15. In support of our full planning application.

Some of you will find this of real interest.

I would like to thank our neighbouring landowners who gave our ecological team access to their property to conduct this report.

Ecology Summary for Cradley:

  1. Ecology surveys were carried out in 2014. These comprised Extended Phase-1 habitat survey, bat activity surveys, great crested newt surveys, reptile surveys and hazel dormouse surveys.
  2. Habitats - The site comprised two grassland fields bounded by mature hedgerows with scattered broadleaved trees.
  3. Bat activity surveys – the hedgerows on the field boundaries were used for commuting and foraging by several bat species.
  4. Great crested newts were recorded in several ponds in the vicinity and therefore mitigation for newts will be required.
  5. No reptiles were recorded on the site, although they are known to be present in the close vicinity. Precautionary mitigation is likely to be required.
  6. No hazel dormice were recorded in the hedgerows on the site. No mitigation required.