The Community Business model

The following model is based on my research, and in my opinion, the most successful community Shop established and trading in Herefordshire.

Namely; “Wellington delights”, Wellington Community Shop, Wellington, Herefordshire.

A community management committee will be formed to administer the amenity On behalf of the community and or the Parish Council. Hopefully Chaired by a local resident, as elected by the Parish council.

The annual rent to the Management committee will be set at;
“One peppercorn”
With a five yearly rent review.

Rent set by the Stoddard Family who will retain title to the property once built, if approved by Herefordshire.

The management committee en-tasked to lease the two halves, shop and Cafe to two “for profit proprietor tenants”. At an annual rent to be negotiated at the discretion of the Management Committee.

Such rental income is then administered by the Community management Committee for the betterment of groups or individuals with in our community as they see fit.

It is therefore in the interest of the wider community, if they see fit, to patronise the Shop and Café, knowing that each Proprietor run venture is realistically motivated and funded to trade professionally and profitably for and by the tenant, with a financial return back to our community from their goodwill and patronage.

The Following “usages” will be applied for as part of our full Planning Application:

  1. Retail. For the sale of food stuffs and produce.
  2. Farm shop, selling local produce from local producers.
  3. Licenced Café, evening restaurant, as a meeting place. For the preparation and sale of food stuffs off and on the premises.
  4. Post office facilities.
  5. Outdoor kitchen, recreational eating facilities. BBQ, pizza Oven and seating.