Following the public consultation events held over the past year, the Stoddard family and Terra Strategic are pleased to share their vision for a residential development of up to 29 dwellings, village shop and community orchard at Church Stile Farm. The village shop is proposed to be run by residents on behalf of residents and will provide a much missed service since the closure of the previous village shop. An Outline Planning application has now been submitted, and we welcome residents comments which can be sent to Herefordshire Council

Our Cradley & Storridge Community First

A Proposal by the Stoddard Family.
Church Stile Farm, Cradley, WR13 5LG

The proposed development of a number of Family homes Could Finance the Venue for Your:
Community Village Shop; Farm Shop; Post office; Café/Restaurant; Village Green
Administered by the Community, for the community.
At the Northern Gateway to our Historic Village
You have the power to make it happen!

Please use your vote in the forthcoming Parish Council N.D.P. Referendum.
The opportunity are endless, we just need your support.

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About Us

The Stoddard family have been living and farming here in Cradley for the best part of 30 years.

Many in our community will know the family and the farm itself, for those who don’t, or are new to the area, our proposed site for the Development of a new Village Green, up to 30 homes and the Community Shop, Farm Shop, café/ meeting place and post office is some 30 yards to the left, past Cradley Primary School as you enter the village from the north. Opposite Buryfields, at the junction of Vines End lane and the main road running through the settlement of East Cradley.

For the Last two years, since the sad demise of our Village Stores, and as I see it, the obvious need for its replacement, and talk of Housing being allocated by Herefordshire to our village as directed by National Government policy, I have been advocating, as a local land owner, as to how the two might converge To the benefit of not only the family, but you the communities of, Storridge, East and West Cradley.

If agreed by Herefordshire? and wanted by you? our proposed location, as a proposed venue for a Community administered amenity offers;

A site; “Best fit for purpose.”

Due its proximity to The School,

Within walking distance of Buryfelds and the Leys,

Easy vehicular access to and from the Hereford- Worcester road, without putting added traffic through our narrow winding lane through the village,

Concentrically placed in the Heart of our two Parishes of Cradley, and let’s not forget Storridge, and the wider community beyond.

A location that will give the Venture a fighting chance to commercially establish itself and trade on, as an integral part of our Community infrastructure for the years ahead.

Put simplistically, the Community administered Amenity is funded and would be delivered to you, the community, by funds received and generated from the development of a number of homes, if approved by Herefordshire, and wanted by you, on our land, by the Stoddard Family.

If you Approve please read on,

If you approve please vote, encourage your friends and neighbours to vote,

Because without your goodwill and support, without the “Adoption” of our proposal, by your local “Neighbourhood Development plan” Committee and Parish council, as directed by you at referendum,

I cannot guarantee I can deliver to you the community this proposal.
You now have a democratic right to have a say in such local issues.
Please use it! Please vote!

Thank you for your interest,

Richard Stoddard.

Feel free to contact us:
Phone: 07970148755